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[Opinions] Spanish royal family names.
The post about the name Chantal gave me this idea.I'm not a fan of monarchy,consider that it has no sense nowadays but many members of spanish royal family have really beautiful names.wdyt?The queen's name is Sofia (wife to King Juan Carlos)
And her children are Elena , Cristina and Felipe
The heiress princess (wife to the heir prince Felipe) is Letizia and her daughters are Leonor and Sofia.
Elena's dh is Jaime and their children are Felipe and Victoria Federica
Cristina's dh is Iñaki (Ignatius in basque) and they are parents to Juan , Miguel , Pablo and IrenePS.I saw my gynecologist this morning and my baby is a girl!!!!!!

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I love Marie-Chantal, and such an elegant woman at that.I love Leonor, Letizia, Felipe, Ignatius, & Miguel.
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I like Cristina, Leonor and Irene.
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I likeSofia - love it, especially the spelling
Elena - like it pronounced "eh leh nah"
Cristina - love it (also like the spelling Christina)
Victoria - love itI tend to really like Spanish names, especially girls' names, and would definitely consider them to honor my heritage.
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I have always really LOVED Sofia! My name is Cristina and my brother is Filipe (Portuguese spelling), so that's interesting. Elena & Miguel are nice also. I'm not a fan of Juan, Letizia, Leonor, Federica, Inaki, Pablo or Irene. :)
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I absolutely adore the Spanish Royal Family. The whole family is very down-to-earth and Queen Sofía is so obviously affectionate in public towards her grandchildren that it makes me smile. :) All the grandchildren a simply beautiful, but I have take a moment to dote on little Leonor, for I love her name plus I think she's is one of the absolute cutest celebrity babies out there. :) Elena, Cristina and Felipe are blessed to have such lovely children.Anyways, of the names, as I said, I love Leonor, but I also love Sofía, Irene, Froilán, Valentín, Nicolás, Elena, Isabel and Sebastian. I like the others well enough, but I'm not too terribly fond of Miguel. I've never really liked the name, nor it's English counterpart, Michael.BTW, here is one of my favourite pics:
(This is a group photo of the whole family this past summer in Palma de Mallorca.)(Yes, Mashka is a nerd and avid follower of the royal families of Europe. :))
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Leonor was so gorgeous at Sofía's christening. :-) I love their names. Victoria Federica is a lovely name, as well.Yes, Mashka is a nerd and avid follower of the royal families of EuropeI somewhat follow them, as well. I lurk on The Royal Forums and Alexander Palace ForumYou obviously like Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna. My favorite sister is Olga. : )
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Oh my, certainly we have crossed paths then because I'm a frequent visitor to both sites as well. :)Leonor was definitely a doll at her sister's christening. I can't get over how cute she is, especially those curls of hers! My other favourite royal baby is Prince Christian of Denmark. He is the cutest! He is a little gentleman and I adore the clothes his parents dress him in. :)I do like Maria the best out of the sisters, but I certainly do like the others very much. Olga would be my third favourite after the troublemaker Anastasia. :)
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I didn't realise both of my kids names (Isabel and Nicolas) were also in the royal family. :)

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Yep! :) One of Elena's middle names is Isabel and Pablo's first middle name is Nicolás. :)Your children have lovely names, BTW.
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