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[Opinions] Indulge me on my Spanish whims. :) (m)
Spanish names seem to be en vogue this week here at Casa la Mashka. Another name I've put into the queue is Azucena. Theoretically, I love it. Realistically, I'd never use it. But seeing how I'm not naming real children, names are simply aesthetic for me anyway.So, with that in mind, what do you think of Azucena? How about of the following combos?Azucena Letizia
Azucena Araceli
Azucena de los Ángeles
Azucena Socorro
Azucena Constanza
Azucena Isaura
Azucena Máxima
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I had to look it up as I had no idea had to prn. it, and I have to admit I find the "th" prn. intriguing, but overall the name is cumbersome. But since we're only speaking hypothetically, that doesn't really matter. ;) The mn's I like best with it are Letizia (which is fun to say in its own right), Socorro, and Isaura, though all the combos are pretty much tongue twisters for me. :b
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