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[Opinions] What's your French/Spanish name or whatever foreign language you take's name?
My French name is Marguerite.
Some names from my class:
Beatrice(I don't know where the accent goes)
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Mine (in French) has been Laur, Madeleine, Anais, Natalie
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Aïcha - how do you pnInteresting name never heard of it.
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It's Arabic. It's pronounced a-YEE-sha.
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My Spanish name was Patriciab
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My French name is Laila, with an accent treima over the i. I kept my real name (only it's spelled with a 'y') because I didn't feel like remembering the new one. I'm so boring. :( It's pronounced La-EEL-ah, though, which I don't particularly like. Before, though, it was Lorraine.

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Lupe, Lourdes, TeresaIn first-year Spanish I called my self Lupe. I thought it was "different" so I liked it back then. The next year I was Lourdes, for the same reason (I don't really like Lupe or Lourdes today). Of course my name is already Spanish (and Polish, Italian, Portuguese...), so for the rest of my educacion en espanol (6 more years!) I was called Teresa.
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I took Spanish in 5th and 6th grade, and my teacher called me Chelsia.
In 10th grade, I was Catalina.
In 11th grade, I was Conchita.
In 12th grade, my teacher decided not to use Spanish names :-(
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My french name:We don't take on another language name in another class, but my French teacher used to call me: Marjolaine (for obvious reasons).
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my names Alexandra and almost every language has a veration
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My Spanish name was Sylvia,but I really wanted Isabella or Ana.
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Which language is this for? Is it Russian?
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Actually it was for Spanish. Yes, I know that Katia is not a Spanish name, but that's what my Spanish teacher called me. I only took Spanish for a semester in 7th grade though. After that I learned Italian.
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I've never heard of having class names in that language. Thats so cool! I take Japanese and we just stuff around calling each other as Japanese people would say our names. When they say L it comes out more as an R so I'm Roren (Lauren) hehe. We also have- Sutebin (Stephen) and Jyeshika (Jessica) one elses name comes out that funny.
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Aïcha is Arabic
Felicité is Félicité
Janine is generally spelled Jeannine in French
Beatrice is Béatrice :)In France we don't have foreign names in class, though.

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My French name is Solène. I also have English name (Sarah, I also used Susan for a while) and Swedish name (which is Malin if I recall right). Usually we just go by our real names, though.
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I took French in high school and Spanish in college (and can't speak a lick of either, just for the record) and we didn't do the 'pick a name' thing, unfortunately. That's probably run of the mill for college, but I went to a tiny high school and the teacher just called me by my name but didn't prn. the first H. :b So I'll pick my names now, though it's a little late. ;) French: Esmee (ESMÉE) or Rosalie. (or I could just use my mn, Georgette)
Spanish: Inez or Marisol
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MY Russian name is Anya or sometimes Anushka, but really those are just forms of my real name Anna that my teacher likes to call me.
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My spanish name is Lorena.
Some (girl) classmates:

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My french name was Sylvie Hélène.
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I wanted my Spanish name to be Esperanza, but we HAD to choose from a list, and it wasn't on there. I'm Estela, instead.
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We never do "French names", we just say our names in French accents (works for Thea and Rachel, but I go by Fisher, which definetly doesn't work too well). We didn't do it at my old school, either. (I've been taking French since 1st grade.) I sort of wish we did, it'd be an opportunity to have another name!
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Back when I was in high school I took both French and Spanish. I now hate both of the names I chose - I could've done so much better!In French class I was Eve, said like the first syllable of the word ever. I do like it more than the English pronunciation, but not by much.In Spanish class I was Raquel which I just plain hate now.
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This year I don't have a Spanish name, but in elementary school I was Teresa, 7th grade I was Sarita, and 8th and 9th grade I was Teresita.
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My French name in high school was Sylvie, and my Spanish name in middle school was Sofia. In college, we simply use our real names, and so it's Amy Rae here. ;)Array
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Bonjour, Amy Rae! Ca va?
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Aurore Éloise Mariette.In our school, you can add a name for every French class you take. I'm in French III so I have two mns, but in class I'm just Aurore. :) I love my name.Some other French names of people at my school:
Manon Giselle
Jolie-Selene Dionne - get it? hah
Olivier Loic
Dominique (f)

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Interesting!Javert and Picard are surnames. Jolie is never used as a first name, and Sélène is extremely rare. Dionne would be Diane. Katrine would be Catherine.
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Our teacher always ended up dropping the names less that 2 weeks in. My most recent French name was Marie, and before that it was Christelle. But since the names were always dropped, I was just called by the French pronunciation of Rachel.I don't know anyone else's, except that Xavier as always popular. I also have a friend who is called Lola in Spanish class. She liked the whole "Hola, Lola", thing.
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Nicolasa (spanish) but we use our real names.

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Graciela "Chela" (Spanish)
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