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[Facts] the meaning of the portuguese girls name Alzira
I would like to ask you, if you could plaese tell me, what the meaning is of the portuguese (brasilian) girls name Alzira. I know a 10 year old girl living in Denmark but with a brasilian father. This girl wants to know the meaning of her name.
I would be very grateful, if you could help me.sincerely
Villy Klit-Johansen
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The name is of German origin al (all) and zire (ornament and beauty). The name became known from voltaire's literary work Alzire the Les Américains. The story inspired Guiseppe Verdi to create an opera that immortalized it, an opera that was first presented to the public on August 12, 1845 at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. Nowadays, there are rare girls named Alzira, all over the world. In Brazil, the most famous Alzira is Alzira Soriano and the most famous Alzira in the world is Alzira Peirce. My name is Alzira and I'm also Brazilian.
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ooohh, this another example of folk etymology, or perhaps wishful thinking. If Voltaire didn't make it up out of thin air (entirely possible) then he probably got it from the Spanish town, which is derived from the earlier, longer Arabic name Jazirat Shukr which means "Island of the Jucar (River)". The Germanic element being referred to is OHG Ziari/Zeri, "splendid, beautiful", recorded only as the first element of a mere two names Zierhild and Zierolf; the possibly related Tir- (glory, honor) is hardly more common, although it is more widely recorded (Saxon, English, Norse), but again, only as a first element, never a second.
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i want to know through the history which i the meaning of this name , please.
if you can send me something...........
thank you ery much
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Alzira is also a city in Spain
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Alzira - (Teutônico) - Ornamento e beleza.From Teutonic. Means "Ornament, Beauty"Hope this helps,
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