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[Facts] Russian Name Kiska
Hi There,Does anyone here speak Russian?I have found the above name I like that I believe means pure in Russian however, I can't find it on this website.If you speak Russian and know of this name please let me know.Many thanks
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Where did you find this name?Kiska is mostly used as a pet name for feminine cats - like Kitty or kitten in English, I suppose.
Cat = Koshka -> Kisa -> Kiska Another meaning is... let's say it nicely - something like Pussy or Fanny in English. I guess that pussy is the right word, since in English translation of "The Twelve Chairs" is Ippolit Matveyevich named Pussy - Kisa in original text (Russian). But kisa means olny "kitty", there are no "bad" meanings in it.( like a real stripper name to me..
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