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[Facts] Portuguese pronunciation help
I need help pronouncing these Portuguese names:Heitor
ViriatoThanks! :)
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European Portuguese:Heitor - AY-tor (tor as in neighbour)
Márcio - MAHR-see-oo
Salomão - suh-loo-MOW (nasal sound, very hard to describe. Ow bears a very tiny resemblance to it. It's as if you're saying un and ow at the same time)
Viriato - vee-ree-AH-too

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Thanks, everyone! I think I get the ao... it is very hard to describe. From what I know about it, I think an angry cat could make it.
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lol at angry cat.
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Heitor = HEY-tor (short "o")
Márcio = MAHR-see-oh (the a is long, the rest is short and snappy)
Salomão = sah-lo-MOW/soh-lo-MOW (the "ão" at the end is kind of like a nasally grunty noise... I'll search for a pronunciation guide online and edit it in later)I'm not sure about Viriato, but if I had to guess I'd say vee-ree-AH-toe.This is the Brazilian prn, btw. But Brazilian names and Portgual Portuguese names are very similar, if not the same.
This site - - is very helpful for the "ao" sound.Edit 2:
I flubbed up on a pronunciation, and also to make it look more readable. All should be in order now.

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