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[Surname] Denisar
My last name is Denisar. Does anyone know anything about it? I have tried to do some genealogical research and found out that all the Denisars that came through Ellis Island were from Slovenia. Thanks for any feedback!
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This is a toughie. First of all, the Denisars were in the US way before immigrants started coming through Ellis Island as you can see at Also, note that Frederick Denisar lived in Dublin, PA, which suggests an Irish connection, and that his son Daniel's family at was also recorded as Denison in the 1860 census. So an Irish connection is further suggested by the fact that Dennison is a common surname in Ireland. However, this is all circumstantial evidence and should definitely not be taken as the last word on the subject.
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Thanks! My family has always said it is either Dutch or German, but then I found those Ellis island records and was confused. Now I have another possibility! Thanks for your help though!
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