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[Opinions] Ethan
So I am really liking Ethan at the moment. Finding boys names that aren't overly trendy but not overly Biblical is proving more challenging than I thought it might. I would greatly appreciate combo suggestions (go nuts, I am not looking for a certain style with MNs) and opinions. :)

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Ever since John Wayne played an Ethanin one of my favorite movies of all time, The Searchers, I have loved it. His character's name was Ethan Edwards (who was a total racist bastard but hey, it's John Wayne), so, there ya go, Ethan Edward is on my list. I don't give a damn about how popular Ethan is right now (ridiculously so, #3). I just think it's very handsome and masculine.Some of my fave Ethan combos (apologies for repeats of others' suggestions):Ethan Adonis
Ethan Benedict
Ethan Constantine
Ethan Dark
Ethan Dashing
Ethan Edward
Ethan Evan
Ethan Fletcher
Ethan Gabriel
Ethan Galahad
Ethan Hawking
Ethan Hunter
Ethan Jago
Ethan Jericho
Ethan Locksley
Ethan Merit
Ethan Phoenix
Ethan Shane
Ethan Sloane
Ethan Tanner
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Ethan Gabriel =) & moreThat's my favourite boy combo. What about:Ethan Jacob
Ethan David
Ethan Michael
Ethan Landon
Ethan Damien
Ethan Connor
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Lovely name, but I have the impression it's really overused at the moment in the US and might grow very dated.
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Ethan is very good. It is way overly trendy if that is something you are worried about, but very goodI know an Ethan LeeEthan Jesse (honoring-! I think this is a sweet combo)
Ethan Gabriel (one of my faves)
Ethan Adrian
Ethan Hugh
Ethan Edmund
Ethan Bernard
Ethan Constantine
Ethan Abraham
Ethan Hugo
Ethan Charles
Ethan Zachary
Ethan George
Ethan Thomas
Ethan Jethro (yeah, yeah, I know)
Ethan Joel and Ethan Christopher I think are both really good
Ethan Michael
Ethan Frederick
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I think Ethan is a very nice name, I like it a lot actually. Here are some combos:Ethan Joshua
Ethan Raphael
Ethan Remy
Ethan Rhys
Ethan Thomas
Ethan Oliver
Ethan Paul
Ethan Ari
Ethan Alexander
Ethan Amos
Ethan Samuel
Ethan Daniel
Ethan Finley
Ethan Fraser
Ethan George
Ethan Gabriel
Ethan Harley
Ethan Hamish
Ethan Jude
Ethan Jack / Jake
Ethan Jeremy
Ethan Kent
Ethan Lawrence
Ethan Luke
Ethan Liam
Ethan Xavier
Ethan Chester
Ethan Charlie
Ethan Vincent
Ethan Brodie
Ethan Michael
Ethan Maxwell / Max
Ethan Milo
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It's nice, but a little too popular for my taste.
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Ethan reminds me of ethane gas, I think the version Eytan is better.
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