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[Opinions] Names that are compatible in English and Spanish
My roommate and I discussed names last night. We decided that her first daughter would be named Cecilia Isabel and called Isabel. I am really excited about this. Her boyfriend is hispanic and his surname is two syllable and begins with an S. We both think the S sounds sound very good. Her name is Lindsey Elizabeth and her boyfriend is Hugo Julian.She doesn't think she will have more than one kid. We pondered boys' names for a while but didn't come up with much. We both like Julio but she doesn't like it in an American accent; same with Emilio but she's got a really good friend named Emilio. Carlos doesn't sound good with the surname. Do you have English/Hispanic suggestions?
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I loooveLeandro and Victor. Well, and Andres, Alejandro, Mateo, and Sebastian. But I think Leandro and Victor are the best for what Emma's friend is looking for.
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