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[Facts] Name written in Russian
Hello. I Have a quick question that i would really appriciate if it was answered ASAP. My grandparents came from russia and im very proud of that fact. I was wondering if someone could show me what my name looks like when it's written in Russian. Carmen Vertikoff. Thanks, and this is actually for my friend, who is living without internet.
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I have troubles with writing anything in Russian key:Êàðìåí Âåðòèêîâ or Êàðìåí Âåðòèêîâà.It looks weird if you don't change the encoding into cyrillic (go view-ecoding-cyrillic) .I can also show you, how do the two words "Carmen" and "Vertikov" look like in Russian.Carmen: think you're female. That means your family name wouldn't be Vertikov, it is Vertikova. :)Vertikova:
(See the subject row)I hope this is somewhat heppful.
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I found it via my grandmother. Thanks again, guys.
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