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[Opinions] Russian Boys' Names
I've been liking them lately. WDYT of these?:Aleksandr (I pronounce it like Alexander but a little harsher, Ah-Lehkks-ahnd-ure I guess)
Dimitri (WDYT of Dima as a nn for Dimitri?)
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I really like Russian names.
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Dimitri is impressive. Dima (deema) seems to be the most common nn. Has anybody mentioned Boris?! It's the name of London's Lord Mayor - Boris Johnson. Sounds better pronounced the Russian way than to rhyme with Doris.
I like Ivan's nn Vanya, but it's liable to be mistaken for feminine in the West.

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Aleksandr --I love this, especially with Sasha as a nn.
Dimitri (WDYT of Dima as a nn for Dimitri?) --I love the name. I like Dima, but my favorite nn for Dimitri is Mitya.
Konstantin --I love this, especially with Kostya as a nn.
Kuzma --This is nice, but it reminds me too much of my wicked Russian step-grandma's maiden name, lol.
Luka --I love this
Maksim --I love this
Maksimilian --I love this too
Miron --I like this, but it's not a favorite
Misha --I love this, but as a nn only
Nazar --This is nice, but not a favorite
Nika --I like this, but moreso as a nickname
Roman --This has grown on me and I quite like it
Spyridon --I really like this, but it's not a favorite
Valentin --I love this!
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I like;Aleksander (spelt Alexander)
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Aleksandr seems just a little bit silly, seeing as the English version is pronounced almost exactly the same. Same thing with Valentin vs. Valentine, Constantine vs. Konstantin.Maksim and Spyridon are by far my favourites from your list.I also like Miron, Dmitri, and Roman (although I am never quite sure how I'm meant to be pronouncing it.)The only one I don't like is Misha because names with sha in them sound like fingernails on a blackboard to my ears.
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I had an obsession with Russia a couple years back . . . So I love any Russian name on Earth. I love the Russian pronunciation of Aleksandr and Pyotr. My favorite nickname for Aleksandr or Alexei is Alyosha, because I secretly love Dostoevsky. I love Dimitri, but I don't really like Dima for a nickname. Nicknames for Dimitri can be Mitya, Mitka, Mitenka, and Mitri, which are all awesome. I like Misha a lot as well.This is a Russian name list, but it is missing an essential name! We are lacking in the Ivan department! I love Ivan just because you can call anyone with this name Ivanushka in the best fake-Russian accent ever. Russian names are beautiful, especially when they are put together, with first name, surname, and then father's name plus the ending (-ov for males, -evna for females). I need to stop . . . loving on Russia so much.
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My favorites off your list are:
SpyridonMy favorites that aren't on your list (just for some suggestions):
Arkadi (spelled Arcadii though)
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Aleksandr - love this so much!
Dimitri - I don't think this needs a nn, but Dima could work. Dimitri's just too cool not to say the full thing every time, ya know?
Konstantin - Never been a fan of any of the variants of this name, sorry.
Kuzma - awesome.
Luka - Nice.
Misha - Love this on a boy. My biggest crush in middle school was called Misha, so I have soft squishy feelings for it still :P
Nazar - insanely cool!
Nika - in line with Luka.
Roman - like it.
Spyridon - cool.
Valentin - See Konstantin.My favorite Russian name is Arkadi. :)

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I like Spyridon
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Some of my favorite names are Russian. The traditions of Russian naming, like the multiple forms of pet names, the spellings, and even the patronymics, just interest me.It's kind of funny that you brought up Russian names. A couple months ago, I got a new laptop for college. It's a Dell Studio, dark blue on the outside and silver on the inside. I decided to name it.So now, my laptop's name is Aleksandr Nikolai Valentin, "Sasha".
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I know a Dimitri, nn Dima. I like it. I also like Miron and Roman.Don't care much for the rest. I think Vasiliy is my favorite Russian boy's name.
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I studied Russian many, mony moons ago. I fell in love with characters out of Tolstoy like Anatoly and Ippolyte. But of all Russian names, Maksim has got to be the most dashing of all. Part romantic, part intellectual and a little bit dangerous. It's one of those names that's just plain fun to say out loud.
By the way, you had a thread the other day asking for combinations. I didn't see it until late yesterday. I would have answered it, but I didn't think you'd see it so far down the page and I was too tired. Sorry. :-(
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Oh that's okay, don't worry about it. Thanks for mentioning it, though :-)
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I love Aleksandr, Luka and Roman.Dima is very feminine to me. I saw a little girl at the airport named Dima.
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