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[Opinions] Ethan?
What are some middle names for this? I'll post the ones I like later!Thank you
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I know an Ethan Luis (brother Ulysses, called Jr.) but I don't like Luis
Ethan Grant
Ethan James
Ethan Alexander
P.S. My nephew is named Wyatt Christopher Gunst, that is so weird. (Gunst is a surname)
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sorry... wouldn't know... It's among the way overused ones (sometimes up around number 1 the past few years) that I wouldn't like even if it weren't overused. Will prob'ly have 20 of 'em give or take at his shools.
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I'm so frustrated at the fact that the name's gotten really popular in the last couple years. I hate using popular names, but I've wanted to name my son Ethan for like 6 years now. It's the first boys name I thought I'd liked to name my son and it still feels completely right. Back then it wasn't too popular. Now it is, and it's frustrating because it's hard to imagine that all those mom's who are naming their sons Ethan love it as much as I do. I hope it doesn't seem worn out or dated by the time I have a child, but either way that's what I'm going to name him.
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in that case a middle name that isn't overused (like Quinn or something) would prob'ly be best.
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