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[Opinions] Elliott or Ethan?
Which name do you prefer and what are some middle names for it?Thank you!
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Definitely Elliot... Ethan's way too overdone and I didn't like it to begin with...mns?
Angus (random)
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I love both names, but Ethan is perfection in a boy's name for me. It's ashame it's gotten so popular. But that won't stop me from using it on a son. It was the first boy's name I ever loved. Unless you love it as much as I do, though, I'd use Elliott. It's classy, yet uncommon. I prefer the spelling Elliot though. Some combos for both:Ethan Thomas
Ethan Alexander
Ethan John
Ethan Lee
Ethan Benjamin
Ethan Benedict
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Nathaniel
Ethan Robrecht
Ethan Nicholas
Ethan Nikifor
Ethan Bishop
Ethan Auburn
Ethan Abraham
Ethan Gabriel
Ethan August
Ethan Levi
Ethan Jonas
Ethan AbramElliott Alexander
Elliott Peregrine
Elliott Lennox
Elliott Quinn
Elliott Joseph

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Elliott!!Elliott sounds so young and poetic (and makes me think of Elliott Smith, who I love). Ethan sounds so whiny to me.
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Ethan by far! I'm with Lillian, I've loved this for years, but it's popularity is starting to bother me. I prefer the spelling Elliot over Elliott, but the name just seems to soft and nerdy for me. I much prefer Elias.
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I prefer Ethan, but I'd rather see Elliott becuase it's less popular.
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Elliot or Elliott. Ethan is boring and makes me think of Ethan Hawke (not a fan).
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Ethan! I can't help (and don't care) how popular it isI've been in love with Ethan for many, many (30) years. Way before it was top ten material. (I think first of Ethan Frome and then of John Wayne in The Searchers.) I can't help it if the rest of the world finally caught up with me. Ethan is a hot guy, Elliott's a softie nerd. I'm not sayin softie nerds are bad people, mind you; I just prefer hot guys.The combos on my PNL:Ethan Constantine
Ethan Dane
Ethan Dark
Ethan Edward (John Wayne's Searchers character was Ethan Edwards)
Ethan Elijah
Ethan Evan
Ethan Fletcher
Ethan Gabriel
Ethan Gage
Ethan Hunter
Ethan Shane
Ethan Tanner
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LOL"I'm not sayin softie nerds are bad people, mind you; I just prefer hot guys."Same.
(Except weirdly enough my images are reversed for ethan and elliot)
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