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[Facts] How is Madlenka (Czech name) pronounced correctly?
I really love how the name Madlenka looks and I can imagine how it is pronounced, but as I am not Czech, I don't KNOW it.
Do you know which syllable is stressed? And is it more like mahd-LEHN-kah with a long Czech "e" or like mahd-LENN-ka with a short middle syllable?
If anyone has any idea at all, I'd be grateful to hear it :).
Thank you!
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It is MUD-lenn-kah (with short "e"). In Czech the main stress is almost always on first syllables.
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Thank you, very helpful! :))
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I am taking a guess, and I might be wrong, but I would say it would be mud-LEHN-kah. I looked at a Czech pronounciation table
and according to it it would be pronounced along those lines.
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