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[Opinions] Russian girls' names + twinset
So I decided to make combos with my fave Russian girl names:Nadezhda "Nadya" Vera
Ludmilla Anastasia
Ninel Svetlana (or should I go with Ninel Anna?)I know how unfortunate it is what Ninel is spelled backwards, but I like the way it sounds. WDYT?Also WDYTO Ninel and Sergei as a twinset? What would you pair with Sergei? Do you think it's a problem that if you don't pronounce Sergei the Russian way it has the word "gay" in it?
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I love Nadezhda Vera with Nadya as a nickname. It's fantastic and I adore both names. Since I am not Russian in the slightest, Nadezhda is on my cat list. I also really like Ludmilla Anastasia. I like Svetlana, but I can't get past Ninel. It sounds nice, but I'm not fond of that sort of name. I'd prefer Sergei with one of the first combos. I don't think the Anglicized pronunciation of Sergei is a problem because the name isn't that uncommon for characters in entertainment. In short, I think people are fairly used to hearing it.
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