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[Opinions] Spanish MN for Malcolm + Columba
Now that I'm more or less decided on the names of my twins, I'm starting to feel some (mild) regret about being so inconsiderate towards their father's opinion. I think it has to do with all of the Saint- and other religious- names that have been popping up a lot around here lately. I'm beginning to appreciate them. A lot.So. I've found some Spanish names - either Saints or otherwise religiously themed- that I like, and am curious as to how you would match them with the following:Malcolm
Columba (boy or girl - - Columbine or Columbia if you like)I would like the "Scottish" names to be first, but you can play it the other way if you want to:Francis | Ignatius (Ignacio) | Dominic (Domingo) | Emilian (Emiliano/Emilio) | Aureliano | Pascual | Felix (Feliciano) | Hugo | Isidoro | Joaquin | Julian | Hector | Lorenzo | RafaelMaricruz | Ines | Justa | Leticia | Teresa | Fausta | Jovita | Trinidad | Araceli | Belen | Azucena | Idoia | Leonor | Lourdes | Marisol | Mercedes Rosario | TeclaI will post what he and I came up with, when we... come up with it =PETA: Malcolm is no longer a serious option, as my dad thinks I'm honoring him. =D I'm mean.

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I wouldn't pair Malcolm with Francis, even though I think it sounds very nice. Reason being Malcolm and Francis are brothers on Malcolm in the Middle. Anyone who had ever watched more than one episode and remembered it would assume that you're a huge fan. I'm not sure if that's a problem for you or not.Malcolm Ignatius (This is my favorite!)
Malcolm Aureliano
Malcolm Pascual
Malcolm Feliciano
Malcolm Isidoro
Malcolm LorenzoColumba Ines
Columba Trinidad
Columba MarisolColumba Francis
Columba Ignacio
Columba Domingo
Columba Pascual
Columba JulianGood luck! :)
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It's not an issue for me, but I wouldn't pair them together either. I'm having difficulty pairing any name with Malcolm, really.We match with Malcolm Lorenzo. I stopped there, with my list, actually.
I like Malcolm Isidoro as well, though. ♥We also matched with four others. Good job! =)Thanks.
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I love Columba! And Malcolm and Columba would be great for two boys. Columbia is very pretty for a girl too.My favorites for combos would be:
Malcolm Francis
Malcolm Ignatius
Malcolm Felix
Columba Francis
Columba Hugo
Columba Joaquin
Columbia Teresa
Columbia Belen
Columbia Lourdes
Columbia TeclaMy top picks are probably Malcolm Ignatius, Columba Francis, and Columbia Belen.Good luck on picking your names, and congratulations on your twins! How exciting!
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I love Columba Francis and Columba Hugo.Thanks for using Columbia. I didn't think anyone would like it, actually; I added it as an afterthought.I like Columbia Lourdes, but I would change the order of Columbia Tecla. &heartsThanks!
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MineSo far, and not in any actual consideration (just playing around):Malcolm Lorenzo | Lorenzo MalcolmColumba Francis
Pascual Columba
Columba Felix
Joaquin Columba
Columba DomingoColumba Ines
Columba Araceli
Belen Columba
Columba Trinidad
Maricruz ColumbaTecla Columbine
Justa Columbine
Trinidad ColumbiaAs a set:
Malcolm Bernardo | Columba Lourdes
Lourdes is where Saint Bernadette claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary. Contrived? Yes, but it's the way my mind works. =P

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Oh, Malcolm and Columba (boy or girl) would be great. I adore both names. I know a female Columba who is Hispanic, so you might get a two-for-the-price-of-one with that name. :-)Ultimately, it depends on you surname of course, but these sounds the most attractive to me:Malcolm Ignacio
Malcolm Rafael
Malcolm IsidoroColumba Ines (wow!)
Columba Leonor
Columba RosarioBelen is gorgeous, but the "b" sounds in both names are too heavy.I'm going to enjoy your birth announcement, when you get a chance. I already know I'm going to love it.

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I concur with your "wow!". I'm playing around with them right now, and Columba Ines was the first combo I came up with it. It was the easiest.
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