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[Opinions] Slavic Names
What do you think of these names? Which ones do you find easier to pronounce?Orislava/Oryslava - short Orysya
Dzvenislava or Dzvenimyra - Dzvinka
Kvitkoslava - Kvitka
Zoreslava - Zoryana
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I think they are all pretty nice. Orislava and Zoreslava would be easier for people to pronounce where I am (the US), but I don't personally have a problem with any of them.
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dzv and kv blends are difficult if you aren't familiar with Slavic languages. None of them are ones I'd choose.
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I love Slavic names.Orislava is easy to pronounce.
Dzvenislava and Dzvenimyra are lovely but hard to say.
Kvitkoslava I don't like as much.
Zoreslava is all right and easy to pronounce.
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I love Zoryana and Orysya. I think the others are cool.
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Thank you! Are they easy enough to pronounce?
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