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[Opinions] On another Czech name thing...
This happens to me every couple months or so, and I've started to like a lot more Czech names. I'm currently loving these (I'm too lazy to put the diacriticals on, though):Jaromir
Dobroslav (it's listed as Serbian and Croatian but there are about 1500 Czechs named this)
VaclavWDYTO these?
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Jaromir - It's nice.
Vlastislav - Nice but I more prefer Vlastimil (nickname Vlasta).
Jiri - I dislike it. Short form Jirka is pretty. I more like Juraj.
Ružena - Not my style.
Vavrinec - I dislike it.
Dobroslav - Not my style. It's old fashioned.
František - I dislike it. Františka is better.
Jaroslav - Dislike it.
Zdenek - Nice. Zbyněk is better, yet.
Václav - I love it. Nickname Vašek is also.
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Well, I'm a bit tired of them (as you would be of say Rachel or Michael), but I like:Jiri
Frantisek -this is a character in a book, so I can't take it seriously
VaclavAs for Dobroslav, I think that as with many Slavic names the meaning is the same in many Slavic languages and the names are used in many more countries than are mentioned on BtN.
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I like Jiri and Frantisek best :)
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