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[Opinions] For fun... What Russian or Kazakh MN name? ((edited))
I know not many people on here care for Mariah, but I am considering using an explicitly Russian name as a MN and wondered if anyone would like to tell me their likes, dislikes and suggestions.
The reason I am looking into this is just for fun right now. I hope that in the future we will adopt a child, perhaps from Kazakhstan, so this is just an idea in case. In reality I'd probably want to keep at least part of the birth name of the child, but... It's just something to think about!Here are a few Russian names from this site that I like:
Mariah Yevgeniya
Mariah Kseniya
Mariah Nadezhda (I don't really care for Nadya)
Mariah Natalya or Natalia (DH has said he likes the name Natalie)
Mariah Serafima don't want to get too overboard since our last name is already Slavic and tricky to pronounce.As for Kazakh names, they seem to be far and few between on this site and elsewhere.'s a nice list:
Anara ("pomegranate") is beautifulAnd an explanation of origins and traditions in Kazakh naming:
(Really like the borrowed Mariam and Hawa)Thanks for your opinions!

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How old would the child be? I would keep the original given name if the child is used to it, but a newborn could easily adjust.
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I pretty much agree.I don't know about the age yet... I think we'd like a baby but are open to older, too. This would be a couple of years from now.
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I love Anya and Natalia for girls and Dimitri for a boy
I know a girl who is from Kazakhstan and her name is Mika.
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