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[Facts] Brazilian names
I am of Brazilian descent and I would like to give my child a regular name, then a one word nickname, similar to the Brazilian soccer players. Does anyone know of a good webssite with a list of these and their meanings?
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Hmmm.... such as what? can you provide us with an example of a one word nn?If you mean something like Ronaldinho, his real name is simply Ronaldo, the "inho/inha" suffix is just a diminutive, pet form in Portuguese. If it was Ronald (it's equivalent in English) the Ronaldinho would be equivalent to "Ronnie"Does that help?I know a good website for protuguese names but it is Portuguese, so if you still want it, let me know and i'll post it here, for you.
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How do you make a Portuguese name into the diminutive? I dont speak Portuguese myself, so I cant do it. I quite like the name Helder, do you know what the diminutive of this is?Also, some of the nicknames have nothing to do with their full names, such as Ronaldo, but they are a slightly changed form of a characteristic or something similar. Any idea where to find these?
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Helder would be Helderinho. Basically, what you do in Portuguese, to create a diminutive is, add the suffix "inho" if it is for males and "inha" if it's for females. Taking out the last vowel to add the suffix or just sticking it in, at the end, if the word ends in a consonant.
Examples. :
pássaro (bird) passar + inho = passarinho.
Sol (sun) sol + inho = solinho.Mel (honey) mel + inha = melinha.
Laranja (orange) laranj = inha = laranjinha.Notice that "nh" sounds is equivalent to the Italian "ng" (as in gnocchi), sound or the Spanish "ñ" (as in niño).About the nicknames, I guess as in any other language, they will call people "lefty" or "mad dog" or "rusty".... I mean, take Pelé for instance, his real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento and Pelé doesn't mean anything...Here is that Brazilian names website. it is in Portuguese but still, you can check out the names. They are alphabetically organised and divided into boy's (Homens) and girl's (Mulheres). this helps,Magia.
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Most people of Brazil speak Portuguese and give their children Portuguese names
Portuguese names can be found here:
Also, if you mean nicknames like "Renaldo" and "Revaldo", those are there real names. Either that, or their nicknames were made up.
Hope I was of some help.
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