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[Opinions] Boys' Spanish names
First of all, hello! Yes, this is the Aileen of old, not some new poster named Aileen. It's summer and I really missed conversational namenerding, so I'm back! I may or may not make a "what's going on in my life" in the Lounge. That all depends on how I feel.ANYWAY the point of the post... I've been digging Spanish names recently, mainly because in the past few months I've started adoring the Spanish language. I've studied Spanish for 4 years, but I've only just now started becoming really attached to it. In turn, I've fallen in love with many boys' Spanish names. They're all so strong and Latin and AHH there's so much to love. Opinions on the following?Hernan
Ignacio (I also love Ignatz, but it's not Spanish)
Lisandro (IMO even more awesome than Lysander)
Aurelio (I even prefer it to Aurelius)
Cruz (is Sabrina Fair still on here? She'd love this one)
ValentinHonest opinions? It's ok if you hate them. No big deal. I just think they're cool.
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I LOVE Federico
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Hernan - love it!
Santiago - has a nice sound
Alejandro - can't get the Lady Gaga song out of my head, but I still like it.
Julian - love it.
Diego - sounds nice, but a little boring (I know a zillion of them)
Severino _ LOVE IT!!!!
Hector - love this one too!
Ignacio - love it, not too keen on nn Nacho, though.
Alvaro - hmm. it's OK. Not fond of Al- names.
Silvio - love!
Efrain - nope, too close to Ephraim. Sounds like an old guy.
Maximiliano - a little long, but still nice.
Felipe - nah
Lisandro - Love!
Calixto - Awesome
Armando - sounds kind of serious, maybe too serious for me.
Luciano - love
Federico - nice
Aurelio - adore!
Cruz - no thanks, maybe too religious.
Valentin - it's OK.I love Spanish name too-- My favorite ones are Hilario, Iladio and Elián
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I really like Alejandro, Julian, Silvio, Lisandro, and Aurelio!Ignacio and Ignatz are both awesome names!
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Felipe and Alejandro are cool. Frederico's ok. Not so fond of the others. My fave Span. boys' names are Javier, Josue, Jose and Miguel (which I like WAY better than Michael). However, I prob'ly wouldn't use Miguel 'cause I much prefer Miguela on a litle girl.
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Woah! Miguela is so many bajillion times better than Mikayla (or any other one of its spellings). It's still not something I'd use, but I'd something I'd admire. It's awesome.Mihael is my personal favorite form of Michael that isn't Michael. I'm obsessed with it. But it's not Spanish.
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Mihaela also works as a girls' name and is a refreshing change from Michaela... Amazing what difference removing 1 letter can make, eh.
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I like: (*=really like, **=really, really like)
Santiago*, Alejandro, Ignacio**, Alvaro*, Silvio**, Calixto*, Armando, Luciano*, Aurelio*, Cruz, and maybe Valentin. Diego is more of a GP for me.
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