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[Opinions] Jewish BA's and B'nai Mitzvah's
These are the birth announcements from the local Jewish Newspaper from the first half of the year.Dylan Reid to Melissa and Daniel
- Logan (2)
Yosef Ephron "Joey" to Carole and Tony
Joseph Charles to Jennifer and Joshua
Eliyahu Samuel to Rachel and Ian
- Gavriella (11) Michaella (7) Darya (5)
Marshall Caleb to Rachel and Matthew
- Jordan (5)
Jonathan Connor to Bridget and Alan
Max Robert to Jaime and Seth
- Cole (3)
Adam Howard to Leisah and Ron
- Zachary (3) Jadon (1)
Tavi Shane to Anita and Bruce
- Daralee (2)
Taylor Sean to Lisa and Jed - Yea! Taylor for a boy!
Kyle Isaac to Sara and Eric
Amory Lila and Brynn Amalia to Brooke and Scott
- Gavin (4) Pace (2)
Lila Ashley to Rachel and Greg
Brianna Faelynn to Michelle and Michael
- Steven (6)
Lillian Jane to Laura and Scott
- Jacob (17)
Aviva Janette to Connie and David
Adalise Sami to Stacy and Spencer
Alexis Jordan to Lisa and Aaron
- Gabrielle (2)
Bianca Lauren to Andrea and Kyle
Zoey Bliss and Noa Sylvie to Sara and Evan
- Cobey (2)
Elisheva Basya to Heather and Jarred
Sydney Rose to Jamaica and Matt
- Jack (2)
Eliana Stella to Michelle and Jonathon
- Max (4)
Emery Charlotte to Elana and Larry
- Arielle (2)
Marissa Arin to Janet and Robert
- Benjamin (5) Justin (3)
Abigail Faye to Hannah and Lev
Hillary to Lainie and Michael
Esther Chana to Temi and Rob
Scarlett Rosalind to Melissa and Seth
- Reece (2)These are the 13-year-olds who were Bar or Bat Mitzvah'd this past year.Dara Pearl
Sydney Abigail
Kayla Ashley
Becca Shayna
Rebecca Anne
Shelby Kalei
Madison Sarah
Jaclyn Jessye
Rachael Teresa
Samantha Ashton
Anna Leah
Erika Michelle
Stefanie Rachel
Rae Elyse
Brittany Nicole
Allison Ilyse
Emma Blum
Cailey Alexa
Marty Alexa
Rachel Elizabeth
Leah Rebecca
Hannah Abigale
Liora Nina
Emily Hanna
Eleanor Kate
Jessica Sarah Esty
Audrey Rose
Rachel Georgeanna
Nina Ruth
Jillian Elizabeth
Jessica Lauren
Steffi Haya
Madelyn Rose
Sarah Amelia
Megan Tamera
Sydney Lauren
Carren Maiya
Amy Julia
Rachel Leah
Lauren Jessica
BethEl Joy
Sarah Elizabeth
Kaitlyn Ashley
Shelby Ann Molly
Gabrielle Rose
Hannah Rose
Tori Elyse
Megan Nicole
Emma Gabrielle
Laura Rose
Sydnee Mara
Elana RoseJustin Samuel
Matthew Reed
Asher Alexander
Brandon David
Ethan Lewis
Nathan Andrew
Jacob Paul
Alexander Jordan
Andrew Nathan
Eli Joseph
Ari Ben
Benjamin Harrison
Jack Harrison
M. Nathan
Eli Daniel
Joshua Nathan
Connor David
Jeremy Jacob
Connor Oakley
Jacob Louis
Matthew Michael
Noah Aaron
Max Elliot
Marcos Ronald
Drew Logan
Jonah BenjaminTwins
Emily Brooke and Jacob Daniel
Emma Elizabeth and Benjamin William
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Logan (2)
Tavi Shane
- Daralee (2)
- Gavin (4) Pace (2)
Scarlett Rosalind These are the 13-year-olds who were Bar or Bat Mitzvah'd this past year.Dara Pearl
Shelby Kalei
Audrey Rose
Shelby Ann Molly
Tori Elyse
Elana Rose
Asher Alexander
Ari Ben
Jeremy Jacob
Connor Oakley
Max Elliot
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It was written as BethEl. I remember thinking it was a strange, since I've only seen that as the name of a temple.
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