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[Facts] NVARD
whtu does my name mean NVARD
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thanks im armenian infact and vard means rose but i realy wanted to know whut the origin came from in the beging and the story behind this name
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This is what I posted previously on the surname board:
'Nuard means 'bride (Nu) of Ardi (Ara)'.
The Sun God Ara or Ardi is identical with Dumuzi (Tammuz).
Nuard is an epithet of the ancient Goddesss Inanna.
In Greek myth this pair is known as Ares and Enio.'
I would only add that 'bride of the sun(-God) simply means the moon.
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Nvard, is "nvard" a purely native Armenian name. It seem like it it is composed of nu=new and vard=rose(red) from a neighboring language.
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If 'new +rose' is only a guess, how can you say you KNOW the origin?
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WHOAThere is no proof that vard is not a native Armenian word. I remember reading western, non-Armenian articles where the etymology of rose was connected to vard, and it was explicitly mentioned that the name probably came from the east of Greeks, and that it was not obvious whether Parthians borrowed from Armenians or vice versa. I also remember at least one non-Armenian article where the etymology was claimed to originate in Armenian. Perhaps more interestingly, the Persian name for rose is gul, and, believe it or not, it has decended from vard or some form of it. Does anyone know what the steps were in this incredible tranformation? I sure would like to find out. If anyone finds out, could you please post it (preferably under the Language forum where it probably belongs) ?
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