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[Opinions] Jewish Birth Annoucements and B'nai Mitzvah's
I subscribe to the local Jewish News, so these are the BA's and B'nai Mitzvah's for the second half of the year.BA's
Esther Chana to Temi and Rob
Scarlett Rosalind to Melissa and Seth (brother Reece)
Emma Grace to Jennifer and Ryan (sister Abigail)
Julia Catherine to Noreen and Mathew (sister Charlotte)
Leah Alicia to Melissa and Michael (sisters Cayla and Brittany)
Ava Makayla to Eileen and Chris (brother Preston)
Sloane Dylan to Brooke and Matthew (sisters Ella and Maya)
Harper Isley to Rachel and Lucas (brothers Luke and Mason)
Sophie Jay to Amy and Richard
Sara Margalit to Emily and Jason (sister Eliana)
Hanna Tamima "Annie" to Stefanie and Shlomo (sibs Shalhevet and Hila)
Alexa Jules to Shari and Gary
Eve Rose to Rachel and Greg (brother Isaac)
Kyle Isaac to Sara and Eric
Eli Jacob to Kimberly and Aaron (old friends of mine)
Samuel Augustus to Danna and Chris
Ethan Phillip to Lori and Andy (sister Marina)
Noah Benjamin to Julie and Eli
Tanner Scott to Andrea and Scott
Darren Martin to Debbie and Steven (sister Samantha)
Alexander Zane to Allison and Edward (sibs Madeline and Samuel)
Max Joseph to Hilary and Alan (sibs Davin and Lila)
Tyler Mason to Debbie and Jonathan
Shane Aaron to Alyson and Mathew (sister Baylie)
Nathan Louis to Becca and Dan
Elliot Harrison to Alison and Adrian
Elliot Nathan to Maria and DimitryTwins:
Vivien Marie and Andrew Bentley to Laina and Doug
Olivia Eve and Violet Ava to Erin and Mark (sibs McKaden, Benjamin and Chloe)
Phineas Henry and Elon Ross to Tammi
B'nai Mitzvah's
Avichai Bentzion
Jack Stuart
Andrew Ryan
Justin Nathaniel
Jason Noah
Jeremy Wolff
Spencer Allen
Benjamin Ryan
Adam Harris
Noah Baumann
Ethan Farrel
Michael Ethan
Triplets: Alexander Elijah, Andrew Stuart, Jacob Philip
Brennan Bayless
Jarred Daniel
Benjamin James
Michael Joshua
Jadon Michael
Brent Adam
Coby Michael
Elliott Daniel
Reuben Zeitzer
Daniel Benjamin
Chandler Henry
Levy Yizchok
Brendan Israel
Hannah Jill
Kayla Pearl
Rebecca Eliana
Lexi Frances
Jessica Marli
Morgan Jo
Leah Samantha
Rachel Marlee
Dayna Rebecca
Gabrielle Erica
Matana Gayle
Logan June
Maiah Nicole
Sarah Michelle
Carli Michelle
Jessica Janiece
Caroline Eve
Natalie Lynn
Jessica Sarah
Allison Rachel
Talia Malalai
Lyndsey Tamara
Ellie Hannah
Chloe Levana
Maia Jay
Olivia Nicole
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Alexander Zane!!!!!!!!!!!
I seriously almost named my son Zane Alexander!
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Olivia and Violet makes a beautiful twin set. I also like/love:Julia
Noah Benjamin

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I like:Esther Chana
Eve Rose - though Eva Rose would be better
Samuel Augustus
Alexander Zane
Violet Ava
Jeremy Wolff
Alexander Elijah
Reuben Zeitzer
Levy Yizchok
Kayla Pearl
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