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[Surname] Krzcki
Krzcki and Krzicki are Polish. They seem to be very rare. Is there perhaps another, more common spelling of this name ?
I would like to know its meaning also.
Thanks for your help.
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I saw some possibilites on this site
though none were exact ... and there are some similar words on this Russian page ...

Best I can do ...
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Thanks Sean. I took a look at those sites. As you say, it's a bit problematic. I also did a few more searches, but I only ended up with more questions :D
Krus (Kru??) also exists as a surname in Poland.
I guess it means 'cross', though not in modern Polish. In Croatian Kruzic means 'little cross'. This indicates Krzcki may not be 100% Polish after all.
Is Krus a 'real' Polish surname, or do its origins lie elsewhere?
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Sorry, Slavic names aren't my speciality, though I'm interested in them thing to be sure, 100% is a relative term ... everyone considers 'Sean' to be very Irish, but of course it comes from John which has a Hebrew origin.
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