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[Opinions] Danish royal twins
TRH the Danish crown prince and crown princess had twins in January, a boy and a girl.They have been named:
Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander
Josephine Sophia Ivalo MathildaEspecially the prince's first name was a bit of a surprice. Their first names have been common among the French nobelty and royalty (the crown prince is half French). Their second and fourth names are honouring or common used in Danish royalty.Their third names are innuit names. TRH the crown prince and the crown princess are very fond of Greenland, so these names are probably chosen as a honor to the innuits.Well, what do you think?By the way, their older brother and sister are named:Christian Valdemar Henri John
Isabella Henrietta Ingrid MargretheAll honouring.

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Fascinating; I didn't realize the significance of the names. I love the name Vincent. I think the two Inuit names are interesting, and Ivalo is especially lovely. What a nice surprise.
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