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[Opinions] Spanish Names
Being a namenerd, I'm putting way too much thought into my name for A.P. Spanish. (In Spanish class, we always take a Spanish name.) I've been Teresa for two years (and Esperanza before that), but I'm a bit bored with it and I don't think that it suits me. So, I've been trying to find something new, fun, and refreshing.My short list:
Lupe (because Guadalupe is too long with my last name)
Clara (or Clarisa, I'm not sure)
GiselaWhich one of these is your favorite, and why?Thanks! :)
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Paloma and Graciela.
Lupe is pretty shiny too.Did you also consider my other favorite Spanish names: Pilar, Amparo, Jimena / Ximena, Consuelo, and Carmen? =)
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I like Amalia the best. It's so pretty.
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Lupe or Maritza. My favourite spanish names are Catalina & Ines.
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Maritza! Probably mostly because it reminded me of my aunt, Marita. But also because there's something zesty and playful about it. =)
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Amalia is my favorite for sure. It is a name I would like to use as a possible middle name for a daughter. I like the other names too. Paloma is a close second because I love the sound and the meaning.
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I adore and would use IRL Paloma, Graciela and Clara.
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Lately I've become fond of Paloma. It just has a nice ring to it and a beautiful meaning.
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Despite most of my list being Spanish, the only one I really, really like is Amalia. I like Paloma as well but prefer the Catalan Coloma.
I think Amalia is really pretty, it feels strong and familiar, but it isn't super super popular.
If you want it, here's the link for the Spanish name statistics:
I am forever searching names on there :)
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Clara - because none of the others appeal to me. I also think Clara is gorgeous but understated, very classy:)
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I like Lupe. It is short, spunky, and fun.
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