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[Opinions] What are your favorite Hungarian Names?
I recently fell in love with a few Hungarian Names. Wdyt? and do you have any other favorites?
(not putting in accents so names link)
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Erzsebet, Timea, Laszlo, Franciska, Nandor, Istvan, Sandor, Orsolya, Jolan, Virag, Ibolya, Piroska, Attila, Arpad, Geza, Farkas, Lehel, Zoltan, Zsolt (all spelled the proper way). I like most of them because I associate them with Hungarians I've met and liked.

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Hungarians names are so wonderful. I have periodic love-fests with them. Janos is a recent love, Laszlo has been one for a while. I've never heard of Emese or Erzsi before, but I've been smitten with Erzsebet and I bet Erzsi is a nn for it, right?Others:Kalman, Imre, Istvan, Bertalan; Ilona, Alida, Edina, Orsolya, Rahel, Liliom.

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For boys, I like Zoltan, Attila, Agoston, Arpad, Bela, Bertalan, Csaba, Geza, Istvan, Kalman, Matyas, Nandor, Orban, Sandor, Tamas, and Tibor.For girls, I like Beata, Edina, Eniko, Erzsebet, Ibolya, Ildiko, Izidora, Jolanka / Jolan / Jola, Orsolya, Piroska, Terez, and Timea.Emese is gorgeous. I love how many of the girls' names end in O and how many of the boys' end in A.
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I'm quite fond of Laszlo too. :) I also like Almos, Imre, Sandor and Blanka.
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Oh I like Almos!Imre is ok. Sandor is nice. I would like Blanka but the spelling looks too harsh to be feminine to me. I'd prefer Blanca.
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