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[Facts] Russian name
My Russian friend Alex has a new half-sister. He wouldn't tell me her name because apparently I won't be able to pronounce it properly, but he says the closest English approximation is probably Barbara.The only name I can see is Varvara, which is a Russian version of Barbara.Is Varvara a common name in Russia? Is it popular for babies, or more for older women (like Barbara is here)? Are there any other names you think it could be, which are a bit like Barbara but Russian? I'm just curious!Thanks&hearts Emma &hearts Eve, Alice, Norah, Isla, Noah, Charlie, Jasper, Oscar
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I recently checked a hitparade about given names for newborns in Moscow in 2007, to be found here: Russian variant of Barbara, written in Cyrillic as Варвара, is on rank 16 there. So yes, Barbara seems to be quite popular now in Russia.
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