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[Opinions] Czech names
Last summer I studied abroad in the Czech Republic for a month. My two friends and I were kind of obsessed with Czech names, and we each picked alternative Czech names to call ourselves for the duration of the trip. What are your favorite Czech names? What do you think of my favorites? If you need help with pronunciation, you can type them into to give you a better idea of what they sound like! Not always ideal, but it's better than nothing.And for the record, my pseudonym was Libuše. :)My favorites:Girls
Jiřina (Jiři is the Czech form of George)
Zdeněk - I really really love this one. If I had to pick just one Czech name I was allowed to use, this would be it.And happy holidays, everyone! :)
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My favourite is Šárka, Viera and Libuše. Zdeněk is fine name, see Zdeno Chára! I like diminutive Růže, but in the Czech Republic is now more Latin form gives Rosalie.How do you pronounce the name of Zdenek?František is Czech form of Francesco. I don't like me better is Františka.And what about Libusha?
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