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[Opinions] Names from the Czech records - C
Hi everyone!
After recently finding a name register for the Czech Rep for... birth registered names for 2010, I believe, I have lots of name spam. I've decided not to do this alphabetically, so expect... random letter posts from time to time, starting, rather aptly, with C. Sorry for the length of this, this is a motherload of names. Great if you're bored, if not... not so great. Just wondering what you thought? There were some pretty bizaare finds not included - Chingiskhan and Cinderella for one - and I haven't included a lot of the Chinese names or names for which the gender couldn't be guessed. I've also been lazy with accents this time round - sorry. Anyway, these are all >10 name-bearer names, mostly unique, and pretty interesting. Any likes, dislikes?As always, * means I like. Enjoy!BOYS ~
Caesar Valentino
Cajus Godehard
Caleb Eugene
Calogero Miroslav
Cameron Michael Cyril
Cameron Yasuo
Carl Fredrik Gustaf
Carl Hugo
Carl Rudolf
Carlos Arturo
Carlos Humberto de Jesus
Carlos Lazaro
Carlos Salvador *
Carmel Moshe
Carolus Lambertus
Carsten Sylvio
Carsten Uwe
Casey Constantine
Casper Johannes *
Catalin Alexandru *
Catalin Mihai *
Catalin Serafim
Cecilio Salvador
Cedric Noah
Cedrik Krystof
Cesar Amilcar
Cesar Ernesto
Cezary Adam
Cezary Lukasz *
Cezary Zdzislaw
Chad Ronald
Chadwick Allen
Charalampos Radoslav
Charles Benoit Marie
Charles Boomer
Charles Felix *
Charles Karel (isn't this a little redundant?)
Charles Mantgomery
Charles Marcel Leopold
Charles Vaclav
Charlie Pavel *
Charlie Reid
Chase Theodore
Chester Benjamin
Chizoba Kenneth
Chris Sven
Chris Yamato
Christ Donald
Christian Alfons
Christian Bernard *
Christian Edmond Alain *
Christian Ernest Oliver
Christian Ingbert
Christian Jean Armand
Christian Jules Maurice
Christian Lucien Jocelyn
Christian Magnus *
Christian Pasquale
Christian Rodrigue
Christian Siegfried
Christian Wolfgang
Christianus Emmanuel
Christoffel Theodorus
Christoffer Hannibal
Christoph Georg Sebastian
Christoph Luigi Karl
Christoph Roland *
Christoph Wulf
Christophe Gerard Leon
Christophe Johany
Christophe Serge Jan
Christopher Conrad
Christopher Jaroslav
Christopher Jocelyn
Christopher Kjell
Christopher Marek *
Christopher Reuben *
Christopher Willibald
Christos Vladimir
Ciprian Nicolae *
Claude Barthelemy *
Claude Gerhard
Claude Maurice Kaya
Claudio Gabriel
Claudio Vito
Claudiu Toma
Claus Matthias
Claus Udo
Claus Wilhelm
Clayton Timothy
Clement Abraham
Clive Howard
Clive Lionel
Clyde Bertrand
Cohen Humphrey
Conall Michael
Connor Martin
Connor Matous
Conrad Bernard Antonius *
Constantin Ciprian
Constantin Eduard
Constantin Johannes *
Constantin Nikolaus
Corentin Pierre Marie
Cornel Teofil
Cornelius Anthony *
Cornelius Jerome *
Cosmin Florian
Cristian Octavian *
Cristian Raul
Cristian Sorin
Cristian Tristan
Cristian Ovidiu
Csaba Istvan
Csaba Tibor
Csaba Sandor
Ctirad Antonin *
Cyriac Ernest
Cyril Antoine *
Cyril Xavier *
Cyrille Georges Louis
Czeslaw Felix
Czeslaw Ignacy
Czeslaw KazimierzGALS ~
Calibe Melda
Calina Aurelia
Camelia Delfina *
Camila Esperanza
Camilla Mai Leopold
Camille Fabienne *
Camille Godeleine
Camille Patricia Pascale
Candida Batista
Capucine Marie Myrtille *
Carina Beatriz
Carla Alexandrine
Carla Karelina
Carla Vincencia
Carmel Dympna
Carmen Anastasia
Carmen Godelieve *
Carmen Lyris
Carmen Paula Sigrun
Carole Huguette Monique
Carolina Cornelia
Carolina Maxima
Carolina Ruzenka
Caroline Hedwig
Caroline Marysa
Casperdina Wilhelmina
Cassandra June *
Catharina Alberdina
Catherine Agnes Muriel *
Catherine Damaris
Catherine Petula
Catherine Trillian
Catrin Astrid Ulrike
Cecilia Coco
Cecilia Sofia
Cecile Mauricette *
Cecile Odile
Cecylia Urszula
Celeste Glomar
Celeste Margarita *
Celestine Chima
Celina Zofia *
Celine Rosalie *
Chana Basya *
Chana Rivka
Chandra Kala
Chanel Armanie
Chantal Felicitas
Chantal Hillegonda
Charis Lillian
Charis Viola
Charity Hadassah
Charlette Emilie
Charline Leontyna
Charlize Scarlett
Charlota Sabina
Charlota Maruska
Charlotte Dagmar
Charlotte Johanka
Charlotte Lulu
Charlotte Mireya *
Charlotte Neha *
Charlotte Regine
Charlotte Sarka *
Chaya Sara
Chiara Klaudie
Chiara Marina
Chiara Xanthe *
Chloe Despoina (Despoina... yay)
Chloe Imogen
Chloe Liah
Christa Brigitte
Christel Elfriede
Christina Anezka
Christina Frost
Christina Roswitha
Christine Fiona *
Christine Marguerite *
Christine Reine Louise
Ciara Siobhan
Cindy Cinderela
Cinthya Eronice
Cintia Valeria *
Cira Marina
Claire Frantiska
Claire Ginette
Claire Leonora *
Claire Sylvie Antoinette *
Clara Antonie *
Clare Xanthe
Claudia Constanze
Claudia Iuliana *
Claudia Jeanette Sarita
Claudia Liseth
Claudia Magali *
Claudie Laura
Clotaire Aurelien (I am only assuming this to be female. Male? Who knows?)
Clementine Milena *
Codruta Vasilica
Constance Mariana
Constanta Raluca
Corina Isabel *
Corina Mihaela
Corinna Judith
Corinne Genevieve *
Corinne Mathilde *
Cornelia Petronella
Cornelia Theresia *
Cristina Amara
Cristina Amelia
Cristina Florentina *
Cristina Onica
Cristina Violeta *
Csilla Zsazsa
Cynthia Edith
Czeslawa Genowefa * (Only for how fun it looks and how fun it is to write... and for Genowefa. I just can't get Czeslawa to sound nice in my head)

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