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[Opinions] Russian class name
I'm taking a Russian language and literature class and the teacher wants us to name ourselves. I'd been puzzling over this when khaotickharma posted about foreign language class names and I realized I could make life a little easier and get your input. Here are my top picks:Tatiana
Natalia / Natalya
Nadia / Nadya
Maria nn Masha or MashkaI'm leaning towards Tatiana because Tatiana Larina of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin / Evgeny Onegin is my favorite character in Russian literature. WDYT? I'm one of only two girls in the eleven-person class, and the other, Ailis, has already picked Irina. I think some of the boys are Sergei, Vladimir, Alexander / Aleksander, and Felix.

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Tatiana is my favourite of those you like.
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I love all of those. It is funny because those would be most of my top choices too, so it is difficult for me to pick. Honestly, if you are leaning towards Tatiana for association reasons, I would be picking that if I were in your shoes. If I were taking a Russian class I would probably use my favorite Russian literature character's name, Larisa.
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Anastasiya and Tatiana are my favorite, but because of your association with Tatiana, I would choose that.
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I love Tatiana, Anastasia, Nadia, and Natalia. If I were you, I'd pick Tatiana. :)
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Woohoo!First of all, HOORAY for taking Russian!! Or, rather, УРА!! I've been studying it for a while now and absolutely cannot get enough. I wish I could change my major, but as I'm a second-semester junior, it's a bit late.Make sure you're using the Russian and not American pronunciations; that can definitely change the appeal of a name. And also, make sure you're okay with whatever nicknames come along with the Russian name you pick. My Russian name is Елена (Yelena), but I get called Лена (Lena) more than anything. If you pick Tatiana, make sure you're okay with Tanya, because it'll eventually happen. The more common nicknames for the other names are Nastya (Anastasiya), Ksyusha (Kseniya), and Natasha (Natalya). Nadya in itself is a nickname, so your full name would be Nadezhda (Надежда). I think you have a great reason to pick Tatiana. :) You also have the tie to the Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of the Romanov family, sister to Grand Duchess Anastasiya.
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