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[Opinions] Guesses for new Danish princess name?
I guess in Denmark they have a tradition where they don't officially name a baby until it's baptized, so unlike little Swedish Estelle, the new(ish) daughter of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will have to wait until May. Any guesses as to the princess's name? She has three older brothers (two of them half), named:Nikolai William Alexander Frederik
Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian
Henrik Carl Joachim AlainHer parents are Joachim Holger Waldemar Christian and Marie Agathe Odile, grandparents Margrethe, Henri / Henrik, Alain, and Françoise. I'm thinking it will be something fairly traditional, probably Danish with French influence. What about you? What would you have named a sibling to these three brothers?

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I think they will choose something that works in French and Danish, like Amalie / Amelie. Something like Amelie Margrethe Francoise Marie.
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Sophie Margarethe Francoise - Modern royals almost always pick a first name they just like, especially with girls. Doesn't necessarily have to be honoring, but even if it is, it's from waaay back int the family tree, indicating that it was chosen more for aesthetics. Her cousin has a popular Nordic name, and I wouldn't be surprised if she does as well. - Definitely the middle names. Royals looove to honor.

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One of Princess Josephine's names is Sophia, so I'm not sure Joachim and Marie would choose Sophie.
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The first name to pop into my head was Alice / Alix. But I'd be thrilled with a little Margarethe or Francoise / Franziska (or Danish variant thereof).
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