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[Opinions] Our youngest Danish princess was christened today.
The youngest of our prince Joachim and his wife, princess Marie (who is French).Her name, which had been held a secret, until just moments ago:Athena Marguerite Francois MarieExcited about Athena, but highly surprising as a first name, since it's so different, but I love it. Marguerite is a French variant of our Queen Margrethe II, Francois is the name of Marie's mother and Marie after, well, princess Marie.I am completely in love with the little princess' full name, because it honors both maternal and paternal grandmothers and princess Marie.She joins big brothers:
Nikolai William Alexander Frederik - By Joachim's first wife.
Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian - Also by his first wife.
Henrik Carl Joachim Alain - By Marie.:D

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Athena is most unexpected! Though when the Greeks needed a monarch long ago, they looked to Denmark for a willing prince if i recall.Nice one, also, in these times of financial and political issues! Gives a new look to a name too often connected with crises.And, I don't know how to tell you this ... little Princess Athena shares a name with my dog. She is a West Highland terrier, and was born on the last day of the 2004 Olympics, so she and her 5 siblings all got suitable names on their pedigrees. We never use her official name, though - the breed specifications list "varminty" as a preferred characteristic, and she's that all right. We call her Wuffles, which wouldn't do for a princess. By the way, is Princess Marie's mum really Francois, not Francoise? Interesting, if so!

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Is there any statement being made by using the name Athena, I wonder? It seems unexpected.
Anyway I like it. I met a woman named Athena this year, and so I sort of just noticed it - even though I have been aware of it forever I hadn't really considered it as a usable name.

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