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[Opinions] Spanish celebrity BAs
Actress Carla Goyanes and husband Jorge Benguria welcomed son Carlos Benguria Goyanes. He was named after his grandfather. Footballer Andrés Iniesta and wife Anna Ortiz welcomed daughter Valeria Iniesta Ortiz. Footballer Jesús Navas and wife Alejandra Moral welcomed son Jesús Navas Moral. Footballer José María Gutiérrez and Argentine TV presenter Romina Belluscio welcomed son Enzo Gutiérrez Belluscio. He joins older half-siblings Zaira [12] and Aitor Gutiérrez [10]. Media personality Francisco José ‘Kiko’ Rivera and girlfriend, model Jessica Bueno Alvarez welcomed son Francisco Rivera Bueno. Singer Rosario Mohedano and husband Andrés Fernández welcomed daughter Alejandra Fernández Mohedano. She joins older half-brother Antonio Tejado Mohedano (3) . Singer Tamara Macarena Valcárcel Serrano and husband Daniel Roque welcomed daughter Valentina Roque Valcárcel. She joins older siblings Daniela [5] and Leandro Roque Valcárcel[3]. Singer-songwriter Alejandro 'Álex' Martínez de Ubago Rodríguez and wife María Alcorta Garrido welcomed son Pablo Martínez de Ubago Alcorta.

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I like Valeria and Valentina.
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Aitor is a neat name I'd never heard of before. cool meaning too!and Roque is amaaaziiing
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