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[Opinions] French and Spanish celebrity BAs
French actor Jean-Pierre Michaël welcomed daughter Joanne. French actors Sara Giraudeau and Simon Hubert welcomed daughter Mona.

French actors Vanessa Demouy and Philippe Lellouche welcomed daughter Sharli. She joins older brother Solal (9). French actress Romane Bohringer and boyfriend Philippe Rebbot welcomed son Raoul. He joins older sister Rose (2,5). French footballer Zoumana Camara welcomed daughter Aby. She joins older sister Oumy.

French model Isabelle Funaro and actor Michaël Youn welcomed daughter Seven. French news anchor Mélissa Theuriau and actor Jamel Debbouze welcomed daughter Lila. Lila joins older brother Léon (3).

French singer Elisa Tovati and Sébastien Saussez welcomed son Léo. Léo joins older brother Joseph (3). French TV presenter Alessandra Sublet and boyfriend Clément welcomed daughter Charlie. Israeli-French singer-songwriter Keren Ann welcomed daughter Nico. Spanish footballer José ManuelPepeReina and wife Yolanda Ruiz welcomed son Luca. He joins older sisters Grecia (4) and Alma (2,5). Spanish footballer Mikel Arteta and wife, model Lorena Bernal welcomed son Daniel. He joins older brother Gabriel [3]. Spanish model Alba Carrillo and mot orcycle racer Alfonso ‘Fonsi' González Nieto welcomed son Lucas. Spanish tennis player Carlos Moyà and wife, actress Carolina Cerezuela welcomed son Carlos. He joins older sister Carla Moyà Cerezuela [2].
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Sharli - that sounds interesting.I like Lila and Léon.
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