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[Opinions] Danish boys' names statistics (2012)
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Nice! My faves are:

William, nn Liam
Nikolaj -prefer Nikolai
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1 Victor- prefer Viktor
2 William- I still dislike this, but it makes lovely combos in the mn spot imo
4 Frederik
7. Emil I almost love this but something is holding me back
11. Alexander- see William
13 Mathias- mn
30 Johan mn
36 Rasmus mn I think.
38 Johnathan mn- prefer John for fn
39 Kasper- prefer Casper and as mn
I LOVE5 Lucas
8 Oscar
9 Magnus
24 Valdemar
26 Tobias
39 Tristan
50 BertramI like15 Sebastian
18 Christian
19 Mads
28 Alfred
31 Marcus
32 Felix
32 Gustav
40 NikolajI seem to be a Danish name fan! :0)
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Oh, I've been scouting for that list, ever since the new year and clearly missed it. I'm a Dane.So, now William had to dethrone the #1 and hand it over to Victor. A little bit surprising.I hear Alfred on a little 2 year old boy, today and I though it was refreshing, not common etc, but obviously not, since it's #28.Plus, there's a lot of the old suspects, on this list. :)

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I think the popularity of Storm is surprising.
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We have (a few) celebrity babies (one is the son of a popular rap artist). That and I think because of a few other Hollywood celeb babies, is the reason for that. :)
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Surprising to see Bertram in there. And I didn't think my brother's name, Nicklas, was popular in Denmark. Especially not now. It was very popular in Sweden 25-15 years ago.I like:2 William
3 Noah
5 Lucas
6 Liam
7 Emil
10 Oliver
11 Alexander
15 Sebastian
21 August
28 Alfred
28 Silas
32 Felix
36 Rasmus
37 Adam
39 Tristan
40 Nikolaj - prefer Nikolai
44 Philip
46 Albert
47 Nicklas
47 Simon
49 Kasper
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I'm pretty sure, that Nicklas is because of Nicklas Landin, who's has been our star goal keeper, for our Male National Handball team for a few years now. But that's only a guess, but could very well be true. :)
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