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[Facts] Lucius and Lucia in Russian.
Hello everyone,It seems that there are various forms and spellings for Lucius and Lucia in Russian, which I find confusing. For example, it's difficult for me to tell which is the main form and spelling, and which are various forms.So far, I have been able to find the following:Lucius
Luchiy = Лучий
Lukiy = Лукий
Lutsiy = Луций
Lyuchiy = Лючий
Lyukiy = Люкий
Lyutsiy = ЛюцийLucia
Luchiya = Лучия
Lukiya = Лукия
Lutsiya = Луция
Lyuchiya = Лючия
Lyukiya = Люкия
Lyutsiya = ЛюцияI would really appreciate it if someone (preferably a native Russian speaker) could tell me which is the most common form and which is the least common form, as well as which is the main form and which are the variant forms. Also, if there are any errors with the Russian spelling or with my translation from the Cyrillic alphabet to the Latin alphabet, then I would appreciate hearing about that also, please.Okay, that's all that I wanted to know. Thank you very much in advance to the person(s) who can shed some light on this matter! :DSincerely,Lucille

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