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[Opinions] Spanish names
hello, I just noticed that there are basque and catalan names among the spanish names list. can you correct that? you should have a list for basque names and catalan names, so we can look them up more easily, because the list is quite long right now.
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As far as I'm aware, names or organized by usage and not solely by origin. As in, there are females in Spain, who are not Basque, named Leire (bad example though, because Leire is not even in the database). There is a list of Basque names, and a list of Catalan names by themselves ,
I do find them lacking, though, and find that Euskaltzaindia and the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua are much more extensive (Catalunya has a list at IDESCAT but it's a popularity ranking, not a database).If you're trying to filter out Basque & Catalan (and Galician, French, Italian and Portuguese) off of the Spanish list, one way to do it is to hit "ctrl+f" (or command+f on a Mac) and then type in "Spanish" in to the Find box when you're on the Spanish list. The browser will automatically find the names listed with "Spanish" beside it, which makes it a little easier to scroll through. I don't think there's a way to see *only* the names listed as Spanish on the Spanish list, but there are options for finding them easier, or for seeing only the Basque and Catalan names.I hope that helps!
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we can't do that, you have to contact:
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