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[Opinions] French and Spanish celebrity BAs
French cyclist David Boucher and wife Dorien Maes welcomed daughter Fay Boucher. She joins older brother Nio Boucher [2]. French footballer Mamadou Sakho and wife Mazda Magui welcomed daughter Aïda Sakho.French footballer Laurent Koscielny and wife Claire Beaudouin welcomed son Noah Koscielny. He joins older sister Raina Koscielny [1.5]. French writer/actor Alexandre Astier and wife Anne-Gaëlle Daval welcomed son James Astier. He joins older siblings Ariane, Jeanne, Neil and Ethan Astier. French race car driver Romain Thievin and girlfriend Chloë Mortaud welcomed son Matis Hamilton Thievin.Spanish bullfighter José María Ortega Cano and girlfriend Ana María Aldón welcomed son José María Ortega Aldón. He joins older half-siblings José Fernando Ortega Mohedano [19], Gloria Camila Ortega Mohedano [16] and Gema Aldón.
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