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[Facts] Meaning of Aleesha as Indian baby name
Hello all, my name is Aleesha and i want to know the original meaning of my name, actually i found that its origin from Alicia and its meaning is "Nobel", but alicia is not an indian baby name, actually its Alisha but i spell it as Aleesha both are same for me, for Alisha i found the meaning "Protected" from, do you have any other meanings for Alisha as Indian baby name???
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Names are copied from culture to culture, so, I think the most likely origin of the Indian name Aleesha is that it is from the English name Alicia, which as you figured out, ultimately comes from a Germanic Adalheidis, meaning a "noble type" of person. I do not know of any term like that in Sanskrit (which forms the root for a large number of Indian Hindu names): but, one can make up words by using common suffixes and prefixes, but nothing that I can think of immediately sounds plausible. Somebody could try to check Tamil or Urdu (ultimately Farsi or Arabic) roots, but the phonotactics makes that unlikely; so I do not not think the meaning "protected" is right. I would not waste time on random websites since most of them are just made up. If you can come up with the spelling in any Indian script, it might be easier to search.
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