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[Facts] Russian form of Silvio?
Is there one?
Or a male form of Silvio that is used there?
I didn't see one in the database, but I feel like the culture probably has one.
Am I wrong?Thanks.
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The main character of Pushkin's The Shot- Vystrel- is Silvio. That's the one you might be thinking of. Even in Russian, his name isn't translated into a Slavic form.

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While Kirke is probably right about the form, your answer is more the answer I need. I need the version to use if I'm naming a character that's half-Russian. The novel is in English so I'll just use Silvio. Thanks a million!
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The fact that this character is called Silvio does not mean there is not a Russian form of this name. Silvio is a form of Silvius and the Russian form of Silvius is Сильвий. Every Slavic language will have a form. As an example, my first language is a Slavic one(Polish) and our form of this name is Sylwiusz. It's not really used but this translation exists.
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Silvio is a form of Silvius and the Russian form is Сильвий but I'm not sure how to pronounce it.I don't think it's commonly used.
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That's exactly what I asked for. Could have known answers weren't as easy as I hoped.
My Russian bf just read that to me, but I'm utterly lost. Haha. Cyrillic and I are strangers. I make him read names for fun occasionally, but mostly because it's the same to me as someone reading Cuneiform.
Thanks for the help though. It looks epic.ETA: We've decided to go with Silvio or Silviu. We're lazy.

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