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[Facts] girls names of both Spanish and Celtic origin or association
The only name I know of that comes close to this is Neve. I know it's not exact, probably closer to Italian or Portuguese. Hubby is of Scottish ancestry and I am half Hispanic. Any other names like Neve that come to mind? Thanks!

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Neve (pronounced nehv) is the Portuguese (NOT Spanish) word for "snow" but it isn't used as a given name (the Actress Neve Campbell was named after her mother's Portuguese maiden name) Anyway, don't it's very logical to use a Portuguese name to honour Hispanic origin.The first name that came to mind for you was Alba: the original name for Scotland and also a very popular Spanish name meaning "dawn".There are a few Spanish forms of Celtic (not necessarily Scottish) names:
Brigida , same as Bridget;
Genoveva , same as Genevieve;
MorganaCeltic or Scottish names that are sometimes used in Spanish:

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