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[Opinions] Russian Girl Names
I'm doing a story and part of it takes place in Russia. One of the main characters needs a name and I have ideas but I don't know which one to pick.Nadia is my favorite, pronounced: NAH-dee-ah.
Tamara is an option I'm considering, it has the nickname Mara which I like.
Elena I like with the nickname Lena.Also I love Anastasiya, Arina and Alina but the name can't start with an A. The last name is Romanova and it can't be changed.Thanks in advance!
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Nadia definitely sounds the most Russian out of all those names and it flows well with the last name.
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Love Russian girl names! Here are some of my favorites and their Russian nickname counterparts.Svetlana: 'Lana' 'Svetochka'
Sofiya: 'Sonya'
Snezhana: 'Snezhanochka'
Veronika: 'Vera', 'Nika', 'Veronichka'
Viktoriya: 'Vika' 'Vita' 'Vitkuyla'
Galina: 'Gayla', 'Galechka'
Lidiya: 'Lida' 'Lidochka'
Oksana: 'Ksenya'
Maria: 'Masha'
Polina: "Polya'
Yekaterina: 'Katya' 'Katyusha'
Yelena: 'Lena' 'Lenochka'
Ivanna: 'Ivannochka'

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