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[Surname] what is czech surname ZÁTOPEK's meaning?
I'm SOOOO curious that
czech surname 'Zátopek', 's meaning
that was surname's Emil Zátopek,
Czechoslovak long-distance olympic runner and won a gold medal.I found this czech wiki and that located in the
'Odvozená z lidských vlastností;
that means 'Derived from human traits'.but i don't know why 'Zátopek' is
relevant for human traits.and once i saw the meaning that derived
word zatopit, but i think it's not sure
because that means "flood, make a fire, overrun",
so that doesn't concerned human trait.if you know the meaning of 'Zátopek',
please answer and leave the link of site
that you find the meaning.thanks!
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Though this surname is well known, thanks to Emil Zátopek, it is, apparently, very rare. This may be the reason that no one has bothered to furnish an explanation for it. Or it may be one whose origins can't be traced. Certainly the dictionary does not help.
Like you I've found dictionary words connected to 'flood' - zátopa, 'flooding'; zatopit (verb) 'to flood'. The -ek ending in Czech can be a diminutive or a surname ending.
One long shot is that Zátopek might identify the original bearer as someone living in a place subject to flooding, though I don't feel confident about that guess.
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