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[Games] Initial CAF
Feel free to pick one or both SOs or you may have a single parent to your family. Surname(s): (your choice; post family name(s) in subject line please. It makes me happy.)Parent 1: A E
Optional SO2: V P
Optional SO 3: H JDD: T O
DS/DS: S G / J B
DS/DD: C F / N A
DD/DS: W M / P M
Optional Gender: V S
Optional Gender: L L

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The Graham FamilyDH: Aidan Everett Graham
DW: Vanessa Payton (Thomas) GrahamDD: Trista Olivia Graham
DS/DS: Spencer Grant Graham / Joseph Brandon Graham
DS/DD: Cade Friedrich Graham / Natalia Ariella Graham
DD: Rachel Brooklyn Graham
DS: Paul Benjamin Graham
DD/DS: Wendy Marin Graham / Preston Michael Graham
DD: Scarlett Tatiana Graham
DS: John Ryan Graham
DD: Victoria Sofia Graham
DD: Lauren Lacie Graham

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The Riley FamilySurname(s): RileyDH: Alexander Ewan
DW: Violet PersephoneDD: Tabitha Ophelia
DS/DS: Sebastian Gregory / Jasper Benedict
DS/DD: Christopher "Kit" Finlay / Naomi Annabel
DD: Rosaline Beth
DS: Ptolemy Balthazar
DD/DS: Willow Melody / Perseus Miles
DD: Sophia Tamsin
DS: James Ruaridh
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The Ruggeri FamilyDH: Anthony Evan Ruggeri
DW: Vivian Penelope Ruggeri DD: Thea Olivia Ruggeri
DS/DS: Stephen Gregory Ruggeri "Steve" / James Brennan Ruggeri "Jim"
DS/DD: Christopher Felix Ruggeri "Chris" / Natasha Alice Ruggeri "Nat"
DD: Rhoda Bethany Ruggeri "Beth"
DS: Paul Benedict Ruggeri
DD/DS: Willa Margaret Ruggeri "Peggy" / Pierce Mark Ruggeri
DD: Scarlett Taylor Ruggeri
DS: Jeremy Robert Ruggeri
DS: Victor Sebastian Ruggeri
DD: Lisbeth Lyla Ruggeri "Lizzy"
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The Fabiano-Kilbourne/Vercher-Kilbourne FamilyDH: Alexander Edwin Kilbourne
DW: Valencia Penelope Fabiano-Kilbourne
DW: Helena Janet Vercher-KilbourneDD: Tatiana Ophelia Fabiano-Kilbourne
DS/DS: Samuel Gregory Vercher-Kilbourne / Jacob Benjamin Vercher-Kilbourne
DS/DD: Christian Felix Fabiano-Kilbourne / Nadia Abigail Fabiano-Kilbourne
DD: Reyna Beatrice Fabiano-Kilbourne
DS: Phineas Brady Vercher-Kilbourne
DD/DS: Willow Madelyn Vercher-Kilbourne / Pierce Mason Vercher-Kilbourne
DD: Sophia Therese Fabiano-Kilbourne
DS: James Ryan Vercher-Kilbourne
DD: Veronica Simone Vercher-Kilbourne
DS: Leo Logan Fabiano-KilbourneAlec & Val with Tatiana, Christian, Nadia, Reyna, Sophie and Leo.
Alec & Helena with Sam, Jake, Finn, Willow, Pierce, James and Veronica.
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The Edwards-Lynch FamilyDW: Alice Evangeline
DW: Vivienne PiaDD: Thea Ophelia
DS/DS: Stellan Garrett / Jolyon Brodie
DS/DD: Clayton Felix / Nora Amelia
DD: Rose Bryony
DS: Phineas Bram
DD/DS: Willa Mable / Perry Malcolm
DD: Sidonie Tamsin
DS: Jasper Ronan
DD: Verity Sabrina
DS: Lachlan Loras
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The Stanley FamilyDH: Antony Edgar "Tony"
DW: Victoria Pippa "Pippa" (née Parks)DD: Theolinda Odile "Thea"
DS/DS: Stephen Graeme / Jacob Bucharach "Bucky"
DS/DD: Clifford Franklin "Cliff" / Nathania Alice "Nat"
DD: Roberta Bridget "Bridget"
DS: Parker Benedict
DD/DS: Winona Maxine / Peter Magnus
DD: Samantha Thalia "Sam"
DS: Jason Rhys "Rhys"
DS: Victor Sherwood
DS: Luke Laurent
Tony and Pippa
Thea, Stephen, Bucky, Cliff, Nat, Bridget, Parker, Winona, Peter, Sam, Rhys, Victor, and Luke.

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Arya Elizabeth
Hagen JamesTabitha Oonora
Sebastian Gage and Jakoby Brennan
Cullen Francis and Natalie Arianna
Rebekkah Brianne
Parker Boyd
Willow Moreen and Paxton Marshall
Skylar Torrence
Jaxon Rogan
Victoria Sorrel
Logan Lysander
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Rose FamilySurname: RoseDW: Antonia Eleanor
DH: Hamo JeremiahDD: Theodora Odilia "Theda"
DS/DS: Stephen Graham / Jeremiah Benedict
DS/DD: Carl Francis / Nigella Antonia "Nell"
DD: Roberta Bethany "Robbie"
DS: Philip Benjamin
DD/DS: Winona Marion / Paul Marius
DD: Susannah Thomasin "Sue"
DS: James Ross "Jamie"
DD: Veronica Sabine
DD: Lydia LorraineAntonia and Hamo; Theda, Stephen, Jeremiah, Carl, Nell, Robbie, Philip, Winona, Paul, Sue, Jamie, Veronica, and Lydia.

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Pretty sure you should get some kind of points here. If this were a competition for guessing the real names these these initials were based on, you'd be winning.These initials are based on the Avengers names and you got Steven Grant (Captain America) right and Francis, Samuel, and Benjamin are in the right places and you have Natalie where Natalia would have been.Not bad. Not bad. :)
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Surname: ProctorH: Abraham Edmund
W1: Veronica Pearl Butler (deceased)D: Thora Olivia
S/S: Simon Gabriel / Julian Bartholomew
S/D: Callum Francis / Nadia Agnes
D: Rosemary Beatrice
S: Phineas Benedict
D/D: Willa Margot / Phoebe MauraW2: Helena Juliet AugustinD: Sylvia Tamsin
S: Josiah Ronan
S: Vincent Sirius
D: Lucinda LouisaAbraham (Abram) & Veronica; Thora, Simon, Julian, Callum (Cal), Nadia, Rosemary (Romy), Phineas (Phin), Willa, and Phoebe.
Abram & Helena (Nell); Sylvia (Sylvie), Josiah (Joss), Vincent (Vince), and Lucinda (Lucy).
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The Bennett FamilyDH: Arthur Emrys Bennett
DW: Verity Philomena Emerson-BennettDD: Theresa Orianne Bennett
DS/DS: Somerled George Bennett / Julian Boniface Bennett
DS/DD: Charles Francis Bennett "Charlie" / Naomi Artemis Bennett
DD: Renata Briony Bennett "Ren"
DS: Perseus Bertrand Bennett "Percy"
DD/DS: Willow Marion Bennett / Prosper Malcolm Bennett
DD: Sylvia Tamsin Bennett
DS: James Riordan Bennett
Optional Gender: Vivian Sidony Bennett
DS: Lionel Laurence Bennett
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The Lockhart FamilySurname: Lockhart
DW: Alice Eve
DH: Harry JosephDD: Tess Olivia "Tessie"
DS/DS: Samuel Gideon "Sam" / Jethro Benjamin
DS/DD: Charlie Felix / Nancy Ada
DD: Ruth Billie "Ruthie"
DS: Paul Barnaby
DD/DS: Willa Mary / Patrick Maxwell
DD: Sadie Tabitha
DS: Jasper Rex
DD: Violet Sophia
DD: Lucy Layla
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Parent 1: Aaron Edgar
Optional SO2: Virginia Patience
Optional SO 3: Hulda JaneDD: Theodosia Odette
DS/DS: Samuel Gideon / Jacob Barnabas
DS/DD: Caleb Fabian / Nancy Aurora
DD: Ruth Barbara
DS: Patrick Benedict
DD/DS: Wendy Mavis / Peter Magnus
DD: Sonia Tracy
DS: Jonathan Robert
DS: Victor Stefan
DS: Lachlan Leander
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The May FamilyDH: Albert Ezekiel May
DW: Veronica Prudence FreemanDD: Tamsin Opal May
DS/DS: Simon Gabriel May/Jonah Benedict May
DS/DD: Carl Fletcher May/Nancy Abigail May
DD: Rosemary Belle May
DS: Peter Barnaby May
DD/DS: Willa Madeleine May/Paul Morgan May
DD: Stella Tallulah May
DS: Jeremy Ronan May
DD: Valentina Sue May
DS: Laurence Leopold May
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The Kaplan familyDW: Adeline Emilia Parker
DH: Henry Julian KaplanDD: Tessa Oceane Kaplan
DS/DS: Silas Gregory Kaplan / Jasper Brennan Kaplan
DS/DD: Cole Felix Kaplan / Nieve Ariella Kaplan
DD: Ruby Bianca Kaplan
DS: Percy Bryn Kaplan
DD/DS: Winnie Matilda Kaplan / Pierce Montgomery Kaplan
DD: Susannah Taylor Kaplan
DS: Jess Rowan Kaplan
DD: Veronica Sophie Kaplan
DD Lorelei Louisa Kaplan
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The Desmarais-Kishlansky familyDH: Abraham Edmund Desmarais
ExDW: Vivienne Phaedra Hayward
DW: Hermione Jean Desmarais-KishlanskyDD: Thalia Ottoline Desmarais-Hayward
DS/DS: Solomon Gabriel Desmarais-Hayward "Sol" / Jasper Benedict Desmarais-Hayward
DS/DD: Cornelius Felix Desmarais-Hayward "Leo" / Nina Apollonia Desmarais-Hayward
DD: Rosamund Beatrix Desmarais-Hayward "Sam"
DS: Ptolemy Balthazar Desmarais-Kishlansky "Tolly"
DD/DS: Wilhelmina Melusine Desmarais-Kishlansky "Mina" / Porfirio Melchior Desmarais-Kishlansky "Rio"
DD: Susannah Tullia Desmarais-Kishlansky "Annie"
DS: Julian Raphael Desmarais-Kishlansky "Jules"
DS: Vincent Samuel Desmarais-Kishlansky
DD: Lara Leopoldine Desmarais-Kishlansky

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The Hernandez-Chen familyDW: Alexandra Emmeline Chen [44]
DW: Viviana Pearl Hernandez [45]DD: Tovah Ottilie Hernandez-Chen [23]
DS/DS: Samuel Gregory Hernandez-Chen / James Benedict Hernandez-Chen [22]
DS/DD: Callum Frederick Hernandez-Chen / Natalia Aviva Hernandez-Chen [18]
DD: Rosemary Bronwen Hernandez-Chen [13]
DS: Peter Brian Hernandez-Chen [10]
DD/DS: Willa Margaret Hernandez-Chen / Paul Matthias Hernandez-Chen [8]
DD: Sophia Tatiana Hernandez-Chen [4]
DS: Jonah Robert Hernandez-Chen [1]
DD: Violet Seraphina Hernandez-Chen [nb]Alexandra Chen & Viviana Hernandez; Tovah, Samuel, James, Callum, Natalia, Rosemary, Peter, Willa, Paul, Sophia, Jonah, and Violet Hernandez-Chen
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Edison/Lambert FamilyDW: Adele Emilia (Gilbert) Lambert
xH: Victor Ptolemy Edison
-DD: Tabitha Orla Edison
-DS/DS: Severin Graeme Edison / Johan Brandon Edison
DH: Henry Joseph Lambert
-DS/DD: Casper Frederick Lambert / Norah Alice Lambert
-DD: Rosemary Bianca Lambert
-DS: Philip Basil Lambert
-DD/DS: Wilhemina Mae Lambert / Peregrine Miles Lambert
-DD: Simona Teresa Lambert
-DS: Jonathan Riley Lambert
-DS: Vincent Samuel Lambert
-DD: Lydia Louise LambertAdele & Victor with Tabitha, Severin and Johan. Adele & Henry with Casper, Norah, Rosemary, Philip, Wilhelmina, Peregrine, Simona, Jonathan, Vincent and Lydia.
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The Card FamilyParent: Alison Esme Card (formerly Volkonski)ExH: Vladimir Pietr Volkonski
Exbf: Harrison James BentonDD: Therese Olivia Card
DS/DS: Severin George Card / Jacques Benjamin Card
DS/DD: Cesaire Frederick Card / Nicolette Anne Card
DD: Raphael Brendon Card
DS: Philippe Bill Card
DD/DS: Wanda Mary Card / Pierre Mark Card
DD: Seraphine Tallulah Card
DS: Judoc Richard Card
DD: Verene Sophie Card
DD: Liliane Laura CardFor those of you wondering why the children have Alison's name, Therese, Severin, and Jacques are all adopted (before either Vladimir or Harrison), which is why they have distinctly French names (she decided to continue the theme). Alison wanted them all to have the same surname, so kept using hers even when she had Cesaire, Nicolette, Raphael, and Philippe, with Vladimir; Wanda, Pierre, Seraphine, Judoc and Verene with Harrison, and adopted 'Lily Laura' whose name she edited a little to make it fit with the French theme.

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DH: August Edmund (Gus)
DW: Vada PhilippaDD: Theodora Ottoline (Thea)
DS/DS: Simon Gideon and James Bellamy (Jem)
DS/DD: Caspian Felix and Nicole Adelaide
DD: Rose Beatrix
DS: Paris Barnaby
DD/DS: Wilhelmina Magnolia and Phineas Montgomery (Willa)
DD: Seraphina Tallulah
DS: Julius Rupert (Jules)
DD: Verity Sage
DD: Lyra LaviniaAugust (Gus) and Vada Darling; Theodora (Thea), Simon and James (Jem), Caspian and Nicole, Rose, Paris, Wilhelmina (Willa) and Phineas, Seraphina, Julius (Jules), Verity and Lyra Darling
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The Hasek-Kallas FamilySurname(s): Hasek-KallasParent 1: Alexis Elia Hasek
Dgf: Valentina Petra Dmitruescu
Dbf: Hillar Julius KallasDD: Talia Oana
DS/DS: Silviu Gavril / Jonas Benedikt
DS/DD: Constantin Felicien / Nevenka Adeline
DD: Runa Beata
DS: Pietro Borna
DD/DS: Willa Magda / Pavlo Matvey
DD: Svenja Thea
DS: Jaska Roman
DS: Vitaly Sebastian
DS: Luka Laurențiu
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