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[Opinions] Sexy Biracial French - Brazilian guy next door
What would your hot, handsome eligible bachelor who's mixed race and seriously rich be named?Adrian (variations allowed)
Leander, Leandre, Leandro

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The only ones I can see working in both Brazil and France are Adrian, Alexandre, and Leandro.
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I'd go with either 1. Leanro/Leandre or 2. Alexandre because they'd be most likely to be used in Brazil and/or France. In addition, they are attractive!
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Jeremiah. In my mind it would suit someone of that description.
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I think Ephraim is the most handsome (handsomest?) name on the list, but I think Leandre best fits the character here.If we're allowed to suggest, I also think Marcel, Matthieu, Gabin, Romain, Marcos, or Séraphin could work.I couldn't keep the word "sexy" in the title since I don't have an account and apparently that word is seen as spam. (hearty laughter)
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Adriano or Adrien
Demetrio or Dimitri... none of the others at all.
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I was going to suggest Dimitri/Demetri as well.
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I think it depends on the tone of the story and character.If it's supposed to be over-the-top caricature and funny - VidalIf it's serious and we're supposed to like him - Leandro, AlexandreIf he's actually good but we're supposed to mistrust him at first - Darius, Adrian, CorbinIf he's a bad guy - DemetriusIf it's a fantasy novel like with dragons and magic (there could be dragons and magic in France-Brazil) - TheronIf he's a cowboy - Blaise, Micah, Sage, Ephraim, GideonIf he's a vampire - Jeremiah (I just really want there to be a sexy biracial vampire named Jerry in the world)
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ETAEvander.Just my opinion, but Ephraim has to be the most un-sexy name ever.Oops, looks like you want us to pick one name from your list and I missed that. Okay, in that case, I pick Darius.Still think Evander is sexier than any of them, lol.

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Adrian for sure!
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Blaise, fo sho. I would call him Blas, but I suppose he's not Spanish. Apparently Brás is Portuguese, that could work too.(lol... Bras... bras... maybe not)

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heheheIt is apt for such a character, is it not?
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I change mine to Panties.
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