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[Facts] Hungarian nicknames question
I love Hungarian names and nicknames, though I've never been able to find nickname forms for Klaudia and Móric. Can any Hungarian-speakers or Magyarphiles help me out? I'm thinking Móric might have nicknames like Móricka or Mórcsi, but I don't want to assume anything based on how other Hungarian nicknames are formed. I think Klaudia might have a nickname like Klaudika or Klaudacska, but I'd like to know if there are any nicknames which are short and sweet.

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Please excuse me for being a Hungarian speaker or a Magyarphile, but with regards to Móric, according to this Hungarian website (, Mórcsi doesn't seem to be used as a nickname/pet name for Móric at all, however you are spot on about Móricka. This same website also lists Mór as a nickname/pet name.
When I searched Mórcsi, Móricka and Mór on another Hungarian website (, the results are the same.Regarding Klaudia, the first website lists Dia, Klau and Klaudi was nicknames/pet names for Klaudia, however the second site lists Dia as a nickname/pet name for Diána.So, it looks like Móric is covered, at least for now, however we would have to wait for a Hungarian speaker or a Magyarphile to respond to us just to check if I've got the nicknames/pet names for Móric right and whether Dia is used as a nickname/pet name for Klaudia, Diána or both.
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