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[Opinions] Thibault / Tybalt
Hello All, What thinks ye of Thibault / Tybalt (or any other spelling you prefer)?______________________________________________
Mama to my pretty Nin (Nadine Marikit) and my Clarybee (Clarisse Bituin).
Mahal na mahal
from our little family to yours!
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I prefer Tybalt, but it's too associated with Romeo and Juliet to use.
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I like it (prefer Tybalt spelling), but I tend to imagine it more as a name for a cat than for a person.
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sorry, double post.

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It's a surname where I live, pages of them in the phone book. (Thibault).Tybalt, though, and somewhere else, would be an interesting, ok name.
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Hi !!!I like this name!
There is also an Italian variant: Tebaldo.But my favourite is the English... Tybalt!This spelling is cool and sharper than Thibault...
Its own spelling reminds the cruel and strong behaviour of the famous character!Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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