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[Opinions] Indian/English - Milaan for a boy?
Hi,I am 33 weeks pregnant and we still haven't decided on a name yet!! Help!My partner has an Indian background and I am French and we live in an English country. We already have a 2 years old boy son called Kiran.We would like an indian name that is easy to pronounce in English and that can also be international ... We like the name Milan however if pronounce the Indian way "Milun" it sounds like a girl name in French (Mylene). We are thinking to change the spelling to Milaan so people pronounce it as the city rather than as "Milun".Do you like Milaan for a boy? Any other suggestion of Indian/English boys names?Thanks!!!
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I like Milan / Milaan. Very nice. If you're in an English-speaking country, everyone there will pronounce Milan like the city =)
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I think too much of the city of Milan when I hear it. Other names you can try:
-Jay (English and Indian)
-Zephaniah or Zeph
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